Influence Affiliate Program

Earn a monthly recurring income by building your affiliate network.

With Influence Affiliate Program anyone can build up a steady monthly recurring revenue quite easily.

Anyone can register as an affiliate & start earning right away.

Register as an Influence Affiliate

Currently, Influence affiliate program is single tier only means you will earn a certain revenue percentage of your direct affiliate accounts. This will be expanded to multi-tier in near future thereby increasing the affiliate incomes multi-fold. 

For subscription accounts (recurring payers), Influence Affiliates will earn recurring percentage of the payments made by the affiliated customers after the refund period has lapsed, which is of 1 month as per Influence's Terms of Service.

Any Upgrade or Downgrade of the affiliated account's subscription will also result in the respective upgrade or downgrade in the Affiliate's payment amounts, and will be informed as & when it happens.

If any 'Affiliated Account', under an Affiliate also becomes an Affiliate then the parent Affiliate will earn 2% of the child Affiliate's earnings from its affiliated network, however this will not affect the earnings of the child Affiliate in any manner, thus, 2% revenue will come directly from Influence's revenue share.

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