GDPR Policy & Data Protection Request

Protecting customer data.

If you are using Influence then you must know that Influence is GDPR compliant and we don't follow any practices that will hamper your relationship with your customers.

You are the owner & controller of your data, so if you are a customer or a business owner who wants to remove a particular user's data from the Influence database, because you or someone who has requested it doesn't want that piece of data to be used in any way, then you can simply delete it from your dashboard and all the instances of that data will be deleted from everywhere.

Steps to delete data from Influence cloud

Also, you can simply write to our chat box from the inside of your dashboard or write an email to support@useinfluence.coand we will guide you through the data removal process of that person's data from our database, and will hand over a data deletion receipt.

In case you need Influence Data Processing Addendum, which is available on request, then you can simply send an email on our support.

If there is anything else, that you wish to speak about then please let us know and we'd be more than happy to help you with it.

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