How do I remove a customer's profile or picture from Influence?

How do I remove a customer's profile or picture from Influence?

Influence 'User Websites' run 'Recent Activity' notification popups, which look like this:

{Note: Alternatively, Recent Popups can hide customer photo & display 'map icon', thus hiding the true identity}

What you can do as a 'Website Owner'?

  1. 'Influence User' or 'Website Owner' has  an option to hide its website customer's display picture & display a 'map icon' instead. This can be done from 'Recent Activity' settings area inside the 'Campaign Editor' (inside Influence Dashboard).
  2. 'Website Owner' also has the power to delete the 'customer's data' from the database. This can be done from 'Analytics Profile' page inside the 'Analytics' page, as displayed below:

{Note: This action is irreversible & will wipe off all the instances of that customer's data from Influence's cloud storage vaults}

What you can do as a 'Customer'?
In case you do not wish your data to be used in any way by the Influence platform users then you can simply do the following things;

  1. Directly get in touch with the 'Website Owner' on which you have signed-up or filled up any form using your data.
  2. Or send an email to and sit back & relax while we immediately inform the 'Website Owner' of your request, and help him in deleting/hiding your data from the Influence cloud storage vault.

Influence strictly believes & follows customer data protection policies as per GDPR. We believe 'Customer' is the owner of its own data & has every right to use/delete/change it the way they like.

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