Integrating with OptinMonster

Learn how to connect with OptinMonster & display conversions on Recent Activity Notifications.

Integrating with Optinmonster is an easy peasy task, once done. You'd be able to display real-time social proof in an automated format and convert customers easily. 

Step 1. Generate a unique Optinmonster Webhook URL.

Go to your Campaign's Capture Page.

Go to the Integrations tab, and then click on SuperWebhook, and click on the Connect button.

The following window will open. Copy the Webhook.

Step 2 : Install the Endpoint inside your OptinMonster Dashboard.

Go to the OptinMonster Campaign you want to connect with, Click on Integrations tab on the top.

As shown on the left panel, Choose Email Provider as Webhook and paste the Endpoint in URL field, finally click on Connect to Webhook button.

You can see the newly made connection as shown below.

Do some tests by inserting the dummy data & observe it being displayed inside your Influence dashboard.

After successful integration, you can now directly receive new contacts/Form data inside your Influence Campaign, and show them as Recent Activity Notifications.

If you're still facing any issues, then you can contact us through the support section, & we'd be more than happy to assist you with it.

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