Integrating with Joomla

Learn to install Influence on your Joomla website

Integrating Influence with Joomla takes less than 2 minutes.

Just follow the below steps to get it done quickly!

Step 1 - Create a Shack Analytics tracking tag

  • In your Joomla administrator panel, go to Components > Shack Analytics Pro:

  • You will be taken to the Shack Analytics: Tracking Tags administrative page. In the top left corner, click New:

  • You will see the Shack Analytics: New Tracking Tag page.
  • Add your tag title. For the purpose of this tutorial, I called my tag "My Influence Pixel Tag":

  • Locate the Header Custom Code parameter. Paste in its box the Influence Pixel:
  • Click Save & Close.

In the next step, you will add this tracking tag either to your whole Joomla site or to a required Joomla menu or to a required Joomla article.

Step 2 -  Add Pixel To the whole Joomla site globally

  • Still on the  Shack Analytics: Tracking Tags page, click on the Options button located in the top right corner of the page:

  • You will be taken to the Shack Analytics: Configuration page. Under the Shack Analytics Pro tab, click inside the Global Tracking Tag and then on your tracking tag

  • Click Save & Close.
  • Visit your Joomla site frontend and check its HTML source code. You should see the Influence Pixel code added into the header of its various pages:

Once you are done with the Pixel installation, go to your Influence dashboard & make a new campaign to get your pixel code verified.

If you're still facing any issues, then you can contact us through the support section, & we'd be more than happy to assist you with it.

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