Integrating with Mailchimp

Influence provides native integration with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing software, you can now display Influence notifications on your Mailchimp pages with equal ease.

Make sure that you have installed the Pixel on your Mailchimp page. Once you have installed the Pixel, ensure that you have a Campaign ready to work on. 

Integrating MailChimp merely takes 3 minutes!

Just follow these simple steps:

You will need to visit these two pages inside your mailing list - 'Audience name and defaults' & 'Webhooks'.


Step 1. Installing your Unique Webhook URL inside your Mailchimp List.

Copy the 'MailChimp Webhook URL' from inside the Influence Campaign you want to connect, as shown below.


Inside your Mailchimp List, Create a New Webhook as shown below.


Paste the copied Webhook in Callback URL field, Select the radio buttons as depicted below, & Save the webhook.



Step 2. Installing List-ID inside Influence Campaign.

Inside MailChimp List, Go to 'Audience name and defaults' page and Copy the List ID as shown below.


Paste the List-ID inside Influence Campaign area List-ID field & click Add button.


Now you have successfully integrated your MailChimp List with your Influence Campaign.

If you are still unable to do the integration then you can message us anytime.

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